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The History of Monitor

1984 Monitor Products, Inc. is incorporated in New Jersey to market Monitor brand vented heating systems to develop the market begun by KeroSun.
1986 Monitor Products, Inc. becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of Tokyo Boeki USA and moves from Raritan, NJ to Monmouth Junction, NJ.
Introduction of DynaZone air conditioning systems.
1987 The Monitor40 and Monitor21 replace the Monitor30 and Monitor20. The GF12, the first gas vented heater sold by Monitor, is added to the line.
1988 The Monitor41 and Monitor22 are introduced. Adjustable reset and adjustable legs added, and paint scheme is altered.
1990 The KWH124 Instantaneous Water Heater begins Monitor’s entry into domestic hot water appliances.
1994 The Monitor441 and Monitor422 replace the M41 and M22. Economy Plus mode, new paint scheme and longer memory backup are added. Record sales year.
1995 The GF500 Natural Gas and L.P. direct vented heating system mark the return to the gas fired heater market.
Began marketing the MZ line of condensing heating system.
1996 The GF200 is added to the gas fired heater line.
2000 The all new M2400 featuring the first new cabinet since 1987 debuts with a seven-day timer, child lock, new control panel and two-piece flue system. BS indirect hot water tanks are added to the heating system line.
2001 FCX oil fired condensing heating system is added to the hydronic heating line.
2002 The redesigned GF500 becomes the GF3800 which has all the features of the M2400.
2004 The Monitor422 in completely redesigned as the M2200.
The GF1800 replaces the GF200 completing the redesign of the line that began with the M2400.
2006 The MWH180, continuous hot water when you need it, is introduced to the tankless water heater market.
2007 The MWH180EX, outdoor unit of MWH180, is added to the tankless water heater line.
2008 Began distributing the INAX Shower Toilet Seats.