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Robbinsville, NJ Nov. 11, 2012 – Monitor Products, Inc. is proud to launch its new line of high efficiency heat pumps. With SEER rating as high as 19.2, our heat pumps exceed Energy Star standards. Monitor heat pumps are currently available in single-zone systems of 12,000, 18,000 and 24,000 Btu.

Traditionally, Monitor has been the brand you come to for your heating needs. We look forward to providing a product that can be used for both heating and cooling. In fact, our new generation heat pumps, using DC inverter technology, can do so at a very high efficiency. Monitor heat pumps are a more cost effective solution compared to many other heating and cooling alternatives.

Please visit the heat pump section of our website to find out more about our new product line!



Robbinsville, NJ, May. 27, 2008 – Due to the need of more warehouse and office space, Monitor Products, Inc. is moving his headquarters from Monmouth Junction, NJ to Robbinsville, NJ. The new training room and customer support center are located in the same building. This will enable us to react quicker and more flexible to customer demands. We are located 5 minutes away from the New Jersey Turnpike (exit 7A).
(Our new address)
7A & 7E Marlen Drive
Robbinsville, NJ 08691
Phone (609) 584-0505
Fax (609) 584-7629


Monmouth Junction., NJ, Jan. 15, 2008 – Monitor Products, Inc. is proud to present a new logo and a new look for our products. The new symbol, a brilliantly colored trio of intertwined flames, will appear on the company’s product line, next to the name Monitor. “We wanted a symbol that would represent the warmth, comfort and satisfaction that our high-quality heating units can bring to the homes of our customers,” said Kaz Hirai, Vice President. We will also adopt a new motto, Warming Your Heart, in our advertising and product information.

Founded in 1984, Monitor has been exclusively distributing highly-efficient, clean, energy-saving products for years, well before it was “hip” to be “green.” An industry leader in the North American heating market, our products include oil, natural gas, and propane-fueled space heaters, as well as hydronic heating systems and water heaters. One of our premier products, the FCX, a fully condensing, Energy-Star rated, oil-fired boiler, was recently listed by Oil & Energy Magazine as the most efficient oil-burning boiler, with 92 percent to 97 percent annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) rating.

Monitor’s latest highly-efficient product is the MWH180 series of tankless, continuous water heaters, which warm only the water you need, when you need it, and which can cut your energy use and heating costs by up to 50% without running out of hot water. “Our heaters are among the cleanest and the most efficient on the market, helping consumers to save energy, money, and our environment,” says Hirai. And now it will be even easier to spot a Monitor Product: just look for the new, eye-catching logo.