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This is a Sample Blog Post

You may edit your blog posts via the WordPress admin interface under the heading “Posts.” Even if you don’t plan to run a blog, WordPress posts are still useful as a means to post company news and events. You would use posts for your company news instead of pages because posts are meant for content that gets updated frequently. They’re also primarily used for any type of content where you require feedback from your visitors.

Everything written above the more tag appears on the main blog / news page while content after the more tag will appear on the post detail page (found after clicking the read more link). It’s a good idea to use the more tage for articles that are longer than one or two paragraphs since otherwise they will fill up a large portion of your page. Moreover, you cannot comment on the main blog page, only on the post detail page therefore it’s in your best interests to direct users to the “read more link” if you intend for them to comment on your articles.